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Prof Stephen Powles

The Academic Details listed below present information collected by the University up to the end of 2013 and thus may not represent the full academic record.

Email: stephen.powles@uwa.edu.au  
Phone: 08 64887833


Jalaludin, A., Yu, Q., Powles, S.B. 2015, 'Multiple resistance across glufosinate, glyphosate, paraquat and ACCase-inhibiting herbicides in an Eleusine indica population', Weed Research, 55, 1, pp. 82-89. Detail

Goggin, D.E., Neil Emery, R.J., Kurepin, L.V., Powles, S.B. 2015, 'A potential role for endogenous microflora in dormancy release, cytokinin metabolism and the response to fluridone in Lolium rigidum seeds', Annals of Botany, 115, 2, pp. 293-301. Detail

Owen, M.J., Goggin, D.E., Powles, S.B. 2014, 'Intensive cropping systems select for greater seed dormancy and increased herbicide resistance levels in Lolium rigidum (annual ryegrass)', Pest Management Science, 2014, Sep 4, pp. 1. Detail

Walsh, M.J., Powles, S.B. 2014, 'High Seed Retention at Maturity of Annual Weeds Infesting Crop Fields Highlights the Potential for Harvest Weed Seed Control', WEED TECHNOLOGY, 28, pp. 486 - 493. Detail

Yu, Q., Powles, S.B. 2014, 'Metabolism-based herbicide resistance and cross-resistance in crop weeds: A threat to herbicide sustainability and global crop production', Plant Physiology, 166, 3, pp. 1106-1118. Detail

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Professor Stephen Powles, Dr Qin Yu 2013, 'Revealing novel mechanisms conferring evolution of resistance to glufosinate and glyphosate in Eleusine indica', ARC Discovery Projects.

Dr Kenneth Flower, Professor Stephen Powles, Dr Roberto Busi 2013, 'Proof of concept - Use of Chemicals to Increase Frost Hardiness in Wheat', Grains Research & Development Corporation.

Professor Stephen Powles, Dr Roberto Busi, Professor John Christopher 2013, 'Can frost tolerance be induced in wheat plants? A 100 million dollar question (UWA Led)', UWA UQ Bilateral Research Collaboration Award.

Professor Stephen Powles, Dr Roberto Busi, Dr Kenneth Flower, Professor Jack Christopher 2013, 'Use of Chemicals to Increase Frost Tolerance in Australian Crops', Grains Research & Development Corporation.

Professor Stephen Powles, Dr Qin Yu, Dr Roland Beffa 2013, 'Gene identification and functional characterization for metabolism-based herbicide resistence in Lolium rigidum.', ARC Linkage Projects.

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2015 PhD. Mr Ashworth. Supervised by: Prof Powles, Dr Flower, Dr Walsh

2013 PhD. Dr Ahmad Hamdani. Supervised by: Prof Powles, Dr Yu, Ms Owen

2010 PhD. Dr Manalil Velayudhan. Supervised by: Prof Powles, Diggle, Dr Busi, Dr Renton

2008 PhD. Dr Friesen. Supervised by: Prof Powles

2008 PhD. Dr Ferris. Supervised by: Prof Powles

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