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Prof Stephen Powles

The Academic Details listed below present information collected by the University up to the end of 2013 and thus may not represent the full academic record.

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Phone: 0418 927181


Chen, J., Yu, Q., Owen, M., Han, H., Powles, S. 2018, 'Dinitroaniline herbicide resistance in a multiple-resistant Lolium rigidum population', PEST MANAGEMENT SCIENCE, 74, 4, pp. 925-932. Detail

Somerville, G., Powles, S., Walsh, M., Renton, M. 2017, 'Why was resistance to shorter-acting pre-emergence herbicides slower to evolve?', PEST MANAGEMENT SCIENCE, 73, 5, pp. 844-851. Detail

Jalaludin, A., Yu, Q., Zoellner, P., Beffa, R., Powles, S. 2017, 'Characterisation of glufosinate resistance mechanisms in Eleusine indica', PEST MANAGEMENT SCIENCE, 73, 6, pp. 1091-1100. Detail

Tehranchian, P., Norsworthy, J., Powles, S., Bararpour, M., Bagavathiannan, M., Barber, T., Scott, R. 2017, 'Recurrent Sublethal-Dose Selection for Reduced Susceptibility of Palmer Amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri) to Dicamba', WEED SCIENCE, 65, 2, pp. 206-212. Detail

Busi, R., Gaines, T., Powles, S. 2017, 'Phorate can reverse P450 metabolism-based herbicide resistance in Lolium rigidum', PEST MANAGEMENT SCIENCE, 73, 2, pp. 410-417. Detail

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Professor Stephen Powles, Dr Qin Yu, Mr Chad Sayer 2017, 'Elucidating trifluralin resistance in Australian major weed Lolium rigidum', Nufarm Australia Limited.

Professor Stephen Powles, Dr Kenneth Flower, Mr Michael Ashworth 2017, 'Infrastructure Grants -2017 - Crop and Weed Agronomy Laboratory', Grains Research & Development Corporation.

Professor Stephen Powles, Dr Qin Yu, Mr Chad Sayer 2017, 'Elucidating trifluralin resistance in Australian major weed Lolium rigidum', ARC Linkage Projects.

Professor Stephen Powles, Dr Michael Walsh, Dr Qin Yu, Dr Roberto Busi, Dr Andrew Guzzomi 2015, 'Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative - Phase 5', Grains Research & Development Corporation.

Dr Roberto Busi, Professor Stephen Powles, Dr Bhagirath Chauhan, Ms Leylani Mandac-Juliano, Doctor Son Tran Thi Ngoc 2015, 'Weedy Rice in the Philippines and Vietnam', Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research ACIAR.

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2018 PhD. Ms Somerville. Supervised by: Walsh, Dr Renton, Prof Powles

2017 PhD. Dr Lacoste. Supervised by: Ducourtieux, Prof Powles, Dr Flower, Lawes

2016 PhD. Dr Goh. Supervised by: Prof Powles, Dr Vila Aiub, Dr Busi

2015 PhD. Dr Jalaludin. Supervised by: Prof Powles, Dr Yu

2015 PhD. Dr Ashworth. Supervised by: Prof Powles, Dr Flower, Dr Walsh

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