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Prof Brett Nener

The Academic Details listed below present information collected by the University up to the end of 2013 and thus may not represent the full academic record.

Email: brett.nener@uwa.edu.au  


Emami, K., Fernando, T.L., Nener, B.D., Trinh, H.M., Zhang, Y. 2015, 'A functional observer based fault detection technique for dynamical systems', Journal of the Franklin Institute, 352, 5, pp. 2113-2128. Detail

Podolska, A., Broxtermann, D., Malindretos, J., Umana-Membreno, G.A., Keller, S., Mishra, U.K., Rizzi, A., Nener, B.D., Parish, G. 2015, 'Method to Predict and Optimize Charge Sensitivity of Ungated AlGaN/GaN HEMT-Based Ion Sensor Without Use of Reference Electrode', IEEE Sensors Journal, 15, 9, pp. 5320-5326. Detail

Khir, F.L.M., Myers, M.B., Podolska, A., Sanders, T.M., Baker, M.V., Nener, B.D., Parish, G. 2014, 'Synchrotron-based XPS studies of AlGaN and GaN surface chemistry and its relationship to ion sensor behaviour', Applied Surface Science, 314, pp. 850-857. Detail

Anvari, R., Myers, M., Umana Membreno, G.A., Baker, M.V., Spagnoli, D., Parish, G., Nener, B.D. 2014, 'Charging mechanism of AlGaN/GaN open-gate pH sensor and electrolyte interface', Conference on Optoelectronic and Microelectronic Materials and Devices, United States, 1, pp. 156-159. Detail

Silva, D.K.K.M.B., Tripathi, D.K., Mao, H., Antoszewski, J., Nener, B.D., Dell, J.M., Faraone, L. 2014, 'Recent developments towards low-cost MEMS spectrometers', Next-Generation Spectroscopic Technologies VII, , 9101, pp. 910108. Detail

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Professor Brett Nener 2014, 'New Magneto-Hydrodynamic (MHD) Seismic Source', Western Australian Energy Research Alliance WAERA ex Woodside R2D3.

Dr Matthew Myers, Professor Giacinta Parish, Professor Brett Nener, Professor Murray Baker 2014, 'Fundamental investigations of dipolar molecule interactions with AlGaN/GaN HEMT devices using NEXAFS and in situ conductivity measurements', Australian Synchrotron Company Limited.

Professor Giacinta Parish, Professor Brett Nener, Professor Murray Baker, Dr Matthew Myers, Professor Umesh Mishra 2013, 'Transistor-based sensor technology for fast, reliable and accurate in situ monitoring of recycled wastewater.', ARC Discovery Projects.

Professor Giacinta Parish, Professor Lorenzo Faraone, Associate Professor Jaroslaw Antoszewski, Professor John Dell, Professor Brett Nener 2010, 'Advanced Facility for MagnetoTransport Characterisation of Semiconductor Nanostructures', ARC Linkage Infrastructure Equipment Facilities.

Professor Brett Nener, Doctor Volker Cimalla 2010, 'AIGaN/GaN Based Lab on Chip Sensing System for Multiple Biological Measurements', Universities Australia DAAD German Research Cooperation.

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2015 PhD. Mr Emami. Supervised by: Prof Nener, Prof Fernando

2015 PhD. Mr Wee. Supervised by: Prof Nener, Prof Parish

2014 PhD. Dr Podolska. Supervised by: Prof Nener, Prof Parish

2013 Masters. Mr Zegarac. Supervised by: Prof Nener, Schlagenhaufer, Prof Fynn

2012 PhD. Dr Baharin. Supervised by: Prof Parish, Prof Nener

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