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Dr Andrew Currie

The Academic Details listed below present information collected by the University up to the end of 2013 and thus may not represent the full academic record.

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Phone: 9340 7907

Dr Andrew J. Currie PhD BSc (Hons) is a Senior Research Fellow with the Schools of Paediatrics and Child Health and Medicine & Pharmacology at UWA. He was awarded his Ph.D. with distinction in 2001 from UWA and then commenced 3 years of productive post-doctoral training in an infectious diseases laboratory at the British Columbia Research Institute for Women and Children’s Health in Vancouver, after receiving a Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Fellowship. He returned to Australia in 2004 after being awarded a Healy Fellowship from the Raine Medical Research Foundation to work as an independent Research fellow within the Tumour Immunology Group, at the University of WA. He has been actively involved nationally and internationally in innate immunity research over the last 10 years, focusing particularly on the role of Toll-like receptors (TLR) in initiating and controlling inflammation.


Trend, S.E., Strunk, T., Lloyd, M.L., Kok, Y., Metcalfe, J., Geddes, D.T., Lai, C.T., Richmond, P.C., Doherty, D.A., Simmer, K.N., Currie, A.J. 2016, 'Levels of innate immune factors in preterm and term mothers’ breast milk during the 1st month postpartum', BRITISH JOURNAL OF NUTRITION, 115, 7, pp. 1178-1193. Detail

Fuery, A., Richmond, P.C., Currie, A.J. 2015, 'Human Infant Memory B Cell and CD4+ T Cell Responses to HibMenCY-TT Glyco-Conjugate Vaccine', PLOS ONE, 10, pp. 1-18. Detail

Trend, S.E., de Jong, E., Lloyd, M.L., Kok, C.H., Richmond, P.C., Doherty, D.A., Simmer, K.N., Kakulas, F., Strunk, T., Currie, A.J. 2015, 'Leukocyte Populations in Human Preterm and Term Breast Milk Identified by Multicolour Flow Cytometry', PLOS ONE, 10, pp. 1-17. Detail

McDonnell, A.M., Lesterhuis, W.J., Khong, A., Nowak, A.K., Lake, R.A., Currie, A.J., Robinson, B.W.S. 2015, 'Restoration of defective cross-presentation in tumors by gemcitabine', OncoImmunology, 4, 5, pp. e1005501. Detail

Trend, S.E., Strunk, T., Hibbert, J.E., Kok, C.H., Zhang, B., Doherty, D.A., Richmond, P.C., Burgner, D.P., Simmer, K.N., Davidson, D., Currie, A.J. 2015, 'Antimicrobial Protein and Peptide Concentrations and Activity in Human Breast Milk Consumed by Preterm Infants at Risk of Late-Onset Neonatal Sepsis', PLOS ONE, 10, 2, pp. 1-20. Detail

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Dr Lea-Ann Kirkham, A/Prof Peter Richmond, Dr Ruth Thornton, Prof Susan Prescott, Dr Tobias Strunk, Dr Christopher Blyth, Dr Claire Waddington, Dr Stephen Stick, A/Prof Anthony Kicic, Dr Andrew Currie, Dr Belinda Hales, Dr Joelene Bizzintino, Prof Peter Le Souef 2014, 'Bio-Plex 200 System with Data Pro Software', NHMRC Equipment Grants.

Prof Peter Le Souef, Dr Andrew Currie, Dr Joelene Bizzintino, Professor David Smith, Professor William Cookson, Prof James Gern, Dr Gary Geelhoed, Dr Brad Zhang, Dr Belinda Hales, Ms Siew-Kim Khoo, Professor James Gern 2012, 'Investigation into Host Susceptibility and Immune Responses in Young Children with Acute Wheezing due to Human Rhinovirus Group C Infection', NHMRC Project Grants.

Prof Peter Le Souef, Adjunct Professor Jack Goldblatt, Dr Andrew Currie, E/Prof Louis Landau, Dr Catherine Hayden 2011, 'Longitudinal Characterization of Respiratory & Immune Development from Birth to Adulthood', NHMRC Project Grants.

Dr Andrew Currie, Dr Tobias Strunk, Prof Karen Simmer, A/Prof David Burgner 2011, 'Identifying the Innate Immune Mechanisms that Determine the Outcome of Gram Positive Bacterial Colonization and Infection in Early Childhood', Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation.

Dr Tobias Strunk, A/Prof David Burgner, Dr Andrew Currie 2009, 'Understanding the Immunological Basis of the Greatly Increased Susceptibility of Preterm Infants to Early Life Infection: What is the role of NOD-like Pathways?', European Society for Paediatric Infectious Disease.

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2015 PhD. Dr Trend. Supervised by: Dr Currie, A/Prof Richmond, Dr Strunk, Prof Simmer

2013 PhD. Dr Fuery. Supervised by: A/Prof Richmond, Dr Currie

2010 PhD. Dr Broomfield. Supervised by: Dr Currie, Dr van der Most, Prof Robinson

2009 PhD. Dr McDonnell. Supervised by: Dr Currie, Prof Robinson

2008 PhD. Dr Brown. Supervised by: Dr Currie, Prof Hall, Prof Price, Prof Vivian

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