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Dr Sarah Prout Quicke

The Academic Details listed below present information collected by the University up to the end of 2013 and thus may not represent the full academic record.

Email: sarah.proutquicke@uwa.edu.au  Home Page

Professional Background and Research Interests

Sarah is a Human Geographer with research and teaching interests in population, development, and social policy in Australia and Africa. Much of her work focuses on the interface between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander spatialities and the delivery of health, housing and educaiton services to Indigenous populations. Her research interests include:  

  • The spatial, temporal, demographic and socio-cultural characteristics of Indigenous temporary population mobility practices in Australia and other settler-states
  • The social geographies of urban-based Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
  • The development of relevant, reliable and representative indicators of Indigenous wellbeing for reporting, monitoring and planning purposes
  • Development in rural Kenya (with a focus on education and gender)
  • The nexus between research, policy, and practice



Globalisation, Environment and Development (EART1108)

Social Geography and Planning (PLNG 2202)

Developing Rural Areas (ENVT 4405)


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More Publications...


Dr Michael Douglas, Mr Matthew Hipsey, Associate Professor Samantha Setterfield, Dr Sarah Prout Quicke, Professor David Pannell 2016, 'Northern Australian Environmental Resource Hub - Project Plan 2 - 2016-2019', Charles Darwin University ex National Environmental Science Program NESP.

Dr Sarah Prout Quicke 2015, 'Mobility and School Engagement', James Cook University ex Queensland Department of Education Training & Employment.

Professor Petra Tschakert, Professor David Pannell, Professor Alistair Woodward, Dr Susanna Sallu, Dr Abu Mumuni, Professor Mark New, Ms Marit Kragt, Assistant Professor Ram Pandit, Dr Alka Sabharwal, Professor Carmen Lawrence, Dr Sarah Prout Quicke 2015, 'UWA led WUN - Non-market valuation of loss and damage under climate change', Worldwide Universities Network WUN.

Professor Matthew Tonts, Professor Saleem Ali, Dr Sarah Prout Quicke 2013, 'Rapid Assessment Frameworks for Mining and Regional Development', International Mining for Development Centre ex AusAID.

Dr Sandra Thompson, Dr Fiona Nichols, Dr Sarah Prout Quicke, Associate Professor Julianne Coffin, Ms Charmaine Green, Associate Professor Dawn Bessarab 2011, 'More Than Talk - An Aboriginal Non Aboriginal Partnership for Action', WA Health Promotion Foundation Healthway.

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