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Dr Sandra Thompson

The Academic Details listed below present information collected by the University up to the end of 2013 and thus may not represent the full academic record.

Email: sandra.thompson@uwa.edu.au  
Phone: 08 9956 0208


Page, A., Hamilton, S.J., Hall, M., Fitzgerald, K.W., Warner, W., Nattabi, B., Thompson, S.C. 2016, 'Gaining a 'proper sense' of what happens out there: an 'Academic Bush Camp' to promote rural placements for students', AUSTRALIAN JOURNAL OF RURAL HEALTH, 24, 1, pp. 41-47. Detail

Davidson, P.M., Phillips, J.L., Dennison-Himmelfarb, C., Thompson, S.C., Luckett, T., Currow, D.C. 2016, 'Providing palliative care for cardiovascular disease from a perspective of sociocultural diversity: A global view', Current Opinion in Supportive and Palliative Care, 10, 1, pp. 11-17. Detail

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Rice, E.S., Haynes, E., Royce, P., Thompson, S.C. 2016, 'Social media and digital technology use among Indigenous young people in Australia: A literature review', International Journal for Equity in Health, 15, 1, pp. 81. Detail

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Dr Sandra Thompson 2015, 'MHRIF Round 19 - Sandra Thompson', Medical & Health Research Infrastructure Fund.

Dr Jennifer Stone, Professor Christobel Saunders, Dr Andrew Redfern, Dr Elizabeth Wylie, Dr Sandra Thompson 2014, 'Mammographic density as a predictor of breast cancer risk and mortality in Western Australian Aboriginal women', Cancer Australia.

Dr Sandra Thompson 2014, 'Strategic Research Partnership to Improve Cancer Control for Indigenous Australians STREP Ca-CIndaA', Menzies School of Health Research ex Cancer Council WA.

Dr Sandra Thompson, Ms Shaouli Shahid, Ms Michele Holloway 2014, 'Program of Experience in the Palliative Approach PEPA', Queensland University of Technology ex Department of Health & Ageing.

Dr Sandra Thompson 2014, 'MHRIF Round 18 - Sandra Thompson', Medical & Health Research Infrastructure Fund.

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2016 PhD. Dr Thackrah. Supervised by: A/Prof Durey, Dr Thompson

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