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Prof Raphael Didham

The Academic Details listed below present information collected by the University up to the end of 2013 and thus may not represent the full academic record.

Email: raphael.didham@uwa.edu.au  
Phone: 08 6488 1468


Wilson, M.C., Chen, X.Y., Corlett, R.T., Didham, R.K., Ding, P., Holt, R.D., Holyoak, M., Hu, G., Hughes, A.C., Jiang, L., Laurance, W.F., Liu, J., Pimm, S.L., Robinson, S.K., Russo, S.E., Si, X., Wilcove, D.S., Wu, J., Yu, M. 2016, 'Habitat fragmentation and biodiversity conservation: key findings and future challenges', Landscape Ecology, 31, 2, pp. 219-227. Detail

Ruffell, J., Banks-Leite, C., Didham, R.K. 2016, 'Accounting for the causal basis of collinearity when measuring the effects of habitat loss versus habitat fragmentation', Oikos, 125, 1, pp. 117-125. Detail

Asfiya, W., Yeeles, P., Lach, L., Majer, J.D., Heterick, B., Didham, R. 2016, 'Abiotic factors affecting the foraging activity and potential displacement of native ants by the invasive African big-headed ant Pheidole megacephala (FABRICIUS, 1793) (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)', Myrmecological News, 22, pp. 43-54. Detail

Didham, R.K., Leather, S.R., Basset, Y. 2016, 'Circle the bandwagons - Challenges mount against the theoretical foundations of applied functional trait and ecosystem service research', Insect Conservation and Diversity, 9, 1, pp. 1-3. Detail

Harrop-Archibald, H., Didham, R., Standish, R., Tibbett, M., Hobbs, R. 2016, 'Mechanisms linking fungal conditioning of leaf litter to detritivore feeding activity', SOIL BIOLOGY & BIOCHEMISTRY, 93, pp. 119-130. Detail

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Dr Kym Abrams, Prof Raphael Didham, Dr Mark Harvey, Dr Joel Huey 2015, 'A remarkable radiation: the taxonomy and systematics of Australian short-tailed whipscorpions (Schizomida) in the Pilbara bioregion', Department of the Environment Australian Biological Resources Study ABRS.

Prof Raphael Didham 2014, 'Climate Change and Biodiversity Research', CSIRO.

Dr Christian Nansen, Prof Raphael Didham 2013, 'Management of Insecticide Resistance in RLEM and Screening New MoA Chemistry', University of Melbourne ex GRDC.

Aspro Rachel Standish, Prof Richard Hobbs, Prof Raphael Didham 2012, 'Climate Change Impacts on Jarrah Forest Restoration', Alcoa World Alumina Australia.

Prof Raphael Didham, Dr Stephen Van Leeuwen, Dr Owain Edwards, Professor Jonathan Majer 2011, 'Jump Start Project for the Global Ecosystem Assessment Initiative - High Throughput Assessment of Invertebrate & Metacommunity Structure Using Ecogenomics Technology', CSIRO ex Science & Industry Endowment Fund SIEF.

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2016 PhD. Mr Murphy. Supervised by: Prof Didham, Aspro Standish

2015 PhD. Dr Dobert. Supervised by: Dr Webber, Dickinson, Prof Didham

2015 PhD. Dr Ruffell. Supervised by: Prof Didham, Armstrong, Clout

2013 PhD. Dr Menz. Supervised by: Dr Dixon, Peakall, Prof Didham

2012 Masters. Miss Denmead. Supervised by: Prof Didham, Aspro Standish

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