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Dr Mehrdad Kimiaei

The Academic Details listed below present information collected by the University up to the end of 2013 and thus may not represent the full academic record.

Email: mehrdad.kimiaei@uwa.edu.au  
Phone: 61 8 6488 1915


Mirzadeh, J., Kimiaei, M., Cassidy, M. 2016, 'Performance of an example jack-up platform under directional random ocean waves', APPLIED OCEAN RESEARCH, 54, pp. 87-100. Detail

Hejazi, R., Kimiaei, M. 2016, 'Equivalent linear soil stiffness in fatigue design of steel catenary risers', OCEAN ENGINEERING, 111, pp. 493-507. Detail

Liu, J., Kimiaei, M., Randolph, M. 2016, 'A new user defined element for nonlinear riser-soil interaction analysis of steel catenary riser systems', Proceedings of the ASME 35th International Conference on Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering , , 5,  Detail

Sedghi, H., Kimiaei, M. 2016, 'Effect of line dynamics in fatigue response analysis of mooring lines in deep waters', Proceedings of the 12th ISOPE Pacific-Asia Offshore Mechanics Symposium, pp. 460-467. Detail

Kimiaei, M., Kejriwal, V. 2016, 'Comparing time domain and frequency domain transfer functions in spectral fatigue design of fixed platforms', Proceedings of the 12th ISOPE Pacific-Asia Offshore Mechanics Symposium, pp. 340-347. Detail

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Dr Mehrdad Kimiaei, Mr Hongwei An 2017, 'Design and manufacturing of a 6000 m depth rated medium work class ROV', Total Marine Technology ex CRC Project.


2017 PhD. Mr Zargar. Supervised by: Dr Draper, Dr Kimiaei, Prof Randolph

2016 PhD. Dr Cheng. Supervised by: Prof Cassidy, Dr Kimiaei

2016 PhD. Dr Mirzadeh. Supervised by: Prof Cassidy, Dr Kimiaei

2015 PhD. Dr Queau. Supervised by: Prof Randolph, Dr Kimiaei

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