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Prof Matthew Knuiman

The Academic Details listed below present information collected by the University up to the end of 2013 and thus may not represent the full academic record.

Email: matthew.knuiman@uwa.edu.au  


Tan, H., Lan, N., Knuiman, M., Divitini, M., Swanepoel, D., Hunter, M., Brennan-Jones, C., Hung, J., Eikelboom, R., Santa Maria, P. 2018, 'Associations between cardiovascular disease and its risk factors with hearing loss—A cross-sectional analysis', CLINICAL OTOLARYNGOLOGY, 43, 1, pp. 172-181. Detail

Zhu, K., Knuiman, M., Divitini, M., Hung, J., Lim, E., Cooke, B., Walsh, J. 2018, 'Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D as a predictor of mortality and cardiovascular events: A 20-year study of a community-based cohort', CLINICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY, 88, 1, pp. 154-163. Detail

Chan, Y., Knuiman, M., Divitini, M., Brown, S., Walsh, J., Yeap, B. 2017, 'Lower TSH and higher free thyroxine predict incidence of prostate but not breast, colorectal or lung cancer', EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ENDOCRINOLOGY, 177, 4, pp. 297-308. Detail

Chasland, L., Knuiman, M., Divitini, M., Chan, Y., Handelsman, D., Naylor, L., Green, D., Yeap, B. 2017, 'Greater physical activity and higher androgen concentrations are independently associated with lower cardiometabolic risk in men', CLINICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY, 87, 5, pp. 466-474. Detail

Lopez, D., Katzenellenbogen, J., Sanfilippo, F., Knuiman, M., Hobbs, M., Briffa, T., Thompson, S. 2017, 'Hospital utilisation patterns for cardiovascular disease (CVD) 12 months post first-ever acute coronary syndrome (ACS) in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal patients', Heart Lung and Circulation, 26, Supplement 2, pp. S331. Detail

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Associate Professor Tom Briffa, Dr Louise Cullen, Professor Derek Chew, Professor Matthew Knuiman, Professor Daniel Fatovich, Associate Professor Peter Hickman, Professor William Parsonage, Dr Lee Nedkoff, Dr Francesco Sanfilippo, Professor Graham Hillis 2016, 'Is highly-sensitive troponin testing advancing clinical practice, improving outcomes and cost-effective in the investigation and management of chest pain in the Emergency Department?', NHMRC Project Grants.

Professor Bu Yeap, Clinical Associate Professor John Beilby, Dr Jennie Hui, Professor Matthew Knuiman, Professor Leon Flicker 2016, 'Do sex hormones slow biological ageing to improve health outcomes in men?', NHMRC Project Grants.

Dr Francesco Sanfilippo, Dr Isabelle Arnet, Professor Matthew Knuiman, Dr Jamie Rankin 2016, 'Vanguard Grant - Measuring adherence to multiple medicines concurrently in PBS data', National Heart Foundation.

Dr Francesco Sanfilippo, Professor Matthew Knuiman, Emeritus Professor Michael Hobbs, Dr Lee Nedkoff, Emeritus Professor Joseph Hung, Ms Sushma Mathur, Adjunct Professor John Beilby 2014, 'Is the incidence of heart attack still decreasing in Australia? Developing more reliable methods for monitoring trends in myocardial infarction and coronary heart disease', NHMRC Project Grants.

Professor Matthew Knuiman 2014, 'MHRIF Round 18 - Knuiman, Matthew', WA Department of Health : Medical and Health Research Infrastructure Fund.

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2016 PhD. Dr Nedkoff. Supervised by: A/Prof Briffa, Prof Knuiman, E/Prof Hung

2016 PhD. Dr Edwards. Supervised by: Dr Foster, Prof Giles-Corti, Ms Beesley, Prof Knuiman

2015 PhD. Dr Davies. Supervised by: Prof Knuiman, A/Prof Rosenberg

2015 PhD. Dr Vogel. Supervised by: Prof Knuiman, Merialdi

2014 PhD. Dr Sodhi. Supervised by: A/Prof Alan, Prof Preen, Prof Knuiman

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