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Dr Matt Hipsey

The Academic Details listed below present information collected by the University up to the end of 2013 and thus may not represent the full academic record.

Email: matt.hipsey@uwa.edu.au  Home Page
Phone: 08 64883186


Weber, M., Rinke, K., Hipsey, M., Boehrer, B. 2017, 'Optimizing withdrawal from drinking water reservoirs to reduce downstream temperature pollution and reservoir hypoxia', JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT, 197, pp. 96-105. Detail

Woodward, B., Marti, C., Imberger, J., Hipsey, M., Oldham, C. 2017, 'Wind and buoyancy driven horizontal exchange in shallow embayments of a tropical reservoir: Lake Argyle, Western Australia', LIMNOLOGY AND OCEANOGRAPHY,  Detail

Adyel, T., Hipsey, M., Oldham, C. 2017, 'Temporal dynamics of stormwater nutrient attenuation of an urban constructed wetland experiencing summer low flows and macrophyte senescence', ECOLOGICAL ENGINEERING, 102, pp. 641-661. Detail

Makler-Pick, V., Hipsey, M., Zohary, T., Carmel, Y., Gal, G. 2017, 'Intraguild predation dynamics in a lake ecosystem based on a coupled hydrodynamic-ecological model: The example of lake kinneret (Israel)', Biology, 6, 2,  Detail

McCarthy, D., Jovanovic, D., Lintern, A., Teakle, I., Barnes, M., Deletic, A., Coleman, R., Rooney, G., Prosser, T., Coutts, S., Hipsey, M., Bruce, L., Henry, R. 2017, 'Source tracking using microbial community fingerprints: Method comparison with hydrodynamic modelling', WATER RESEARCH, 109, pp. 253-265. Detail

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Mr Matthew Hipsey, Dr Sri Adiyanti 2018, 'Trial of Multiwavelength fluorometers for phytoplankton monitoring in the Swan Canning Riverpark', WA Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions DBCA.

Mr Matthew Hipsey 2017, 'Lake Erie Finite Volume Hydrodynamic-Biogeochemical Model Implementation', Environment Canada.

Mr Matthew Hipsey 2017, 'Optimising Ruppia Habitat in the Coorong: Nutrient Model Develpment and Scenario Assessment', SA Department of Environment & Natural Resources.

Mr Matthew Hipsey 2017, 'Optimising Ruppia habitat in the Coorong: Sensitivity to regulator design', SA Department of Environment & Natural Resources.

Mr Matthew Hipsey 2017, 'Instrumentation and observation package for improving model frameworks', WA Department of Parks & Wildlife.

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2017 PhD. Miss Vilas. Supervised by: Prof Kendrick, Adams, Prof Imberger, Dr Marti, Prof Oldham, Dr Hipsey

2017 Masters. Mrs Limede Dos Santos Silva Singh. Supervised by: Dr Hipsey, Prof Oldham

2017 PhD. Dr Adyel. Supervised by: Dr Hipsey, Prof Oldham

2016 PhD. Mr Tareque. Supervised by: Dr McGrath, Dr Mitchell, Dr Vogwill, Dr Hipsey, Sivapalan

2016 PhD. Dr Paraska. Supervised by: Dr Hipsey, Dr Salmon

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