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Dr Martin Ebert

The Academic Details listed below present information collected by the University up to the end of 2013 and thus may not represent the full academic record.

Email: martin.ebert@uwa.edu.au  
Phone: 0893464931


Roach, D., Jameson, M., Dowling, J., Ebert, M., Greer, P., Kennedy, A., Watt, S., Holloway, L. 2018, 'Correlations between contouring similarity metrics and simulated treatment outcome for prostate radiotherapy', PHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY, 63, 3,  Detail

Yahya, N., Ebert, M., House, M., Kennedy, A., Matthews, J., Joseph, D., Denham, J. 2017, 'Modeling Urinary Dysfunction After External Beam Radiation Therapy of the Prostate Using Bladder Dose-Surface Maps: Evidence of Spatially Variable Response of the Bladder Surface', INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RADIATION ONCOLOGY BIOLOGY PHYSICS, 97, 2, pp. 420-426. Detail

Moulton, C., House, M., Lye, V., Tang, C., Krawiec, M., Joseph, D., Denham, J., Ebert, M. 2017, 'Spatial features of dose-surface maps from deformably-registered plans correlate with late gastrointestinal complications', PHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY, 62, 10, pp. 4118-4139. Detail

Halkett, G., McKay, J., Hegney, D., Breen, L., Berg, M., Ebert, M., Davis, M., Kearvell, R. 2017, 'Radiation therapists' and radiation oncology medical physicists' perceptions of work and the working environment in Australia: a qualitative study', EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CANCER CARE, 26, 5, pp. 1-11. Detail

Halkett, G., Berg, M., Ebert, M., Cutt, D., Davis, M., Hegney, D., House, M., Judson, M., Kearvall, R., Krawiek, M., Lester, L., Marresse, S., McLoone, P., McKay, J. 2017, 'Radiation therapists’ perspectives on participating in research', Shadows: The New Zealand Journal of Medical Radiation Technology, 64, 4, pp. 299-309. Detail

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Dr Martin Ebert, Dr Robert Jeraj, Dr Pejman Rowshan Farzad 2017, 'Advancing the fundamental physical understanding of cancer for advancing treatment developments', UWA Research Collaboration Awards.

Dr Martin Ebert 2017, 'John Nott Cancer Fellowship - Martin Ebert', Cancer Council of Western Australia.

Dr Martin Ebert, Professor Christobel Saunders 2016, 'Investigation of a low-risk, non-invasive, low-cost, high-sensitivity method of breast cancer detection based on electromagnetic gradiometry', National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Dr Martin Ebert, Professor James Denham, Professor David Joseph, Doctor Kerwyn Foo, Associate Professor Anette Haworth, Doctor Martin Carolan 2015, 'Assessment of Rectal and Urinary Toxicity from the RADAR Prostate Radiotherapy Trial? Dosimetric Constraints for Novel Symptom Clustering, Derivation of Radiobiological Parameters and Assessment of Patient Localisation Effects', NHMRC Project Grants.

Dr Martin Ebert, Doctor Jason Dowling, Professor James Denham, Prof David Joseph, Professor Doctor Sarah Gulliford, Professor David Dearnaley, Associate Professor Anette Haworth, Doctor Lois Holloway, Professor Tomas Kron, Professor Peter Greer 2014, 'Radiotherapy treatment for prostate cancer - a change in practice based on direct evidence for targeting and toxicity effects using real outcomes data', NHMRC Project Grants.

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2017 PhD. Dr Moulton. Supervised by: Dr Rowshan Farzad, Prof St Pierre, Dr Ebert

2017 Masters by Thesis and Coursework. Mr Ho. Supervised by: Prof St Pierre, Dr Ebert, Aspro House

2016 PhD. Dr Yahya. Supervised by: Dr Ebert, Aspro House

2015 Masters by Thesis and Coursework. Mr Hughes. Supervised by: Aspro House, Dr Ebert

2005 PhD. A/Pro Haworth. Supervised by: Prof Joseph, Ebert, Duchesne, Prof Vivian

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