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The Academic Details listed below present information collected by the University up to the end of 2013 and thus may not represent the full academic record.

C1: Journal Article (Schol Refereed Journal)

Wane, O., Liégeois, J., Thébaud, N., Miller, J., Metelka, V., Jessell, M. 2018, 'The onset of the Eburnean collision with the Kenema-Man craton evidenced by plutonic and volcanosedimentary rock record of the Masssigui region, southern Mali', PRECAMBRIAN RESEARCH, 305, pp. 444-478. Detail

Metelka, V., Baratoux, L., Jessell, M., Barth, A., Ježek, J., Naba, S. 2018, 'Automated regolith landform mapping using airborne geophysics and remote sensing data, Burkina Faso, West Africa', REMOTE SENSING OF ENVIRONMENT, 204, pp. 964-978. Detail

Pakyuz-Charrier, E., Lindsay, M., Ogarko, V., Giraud, J., Jessell, M. 2017, 'Monte Carlo Simulations for Uncertainty Estimation in 3D Geological Modeling, A Guide for Disturbance Distribution Selection and Parameterization', Solid Earth, pp. 33. Detail

Parra-Avila, L., Kemp, A., Fiorentini, M., Belousova, E., Baratoux, L., Block, S., Jessell, M., Bruguier, O., Begg, G., Miller, J., Davis, J., McCuaig, T. 2017, 'The geochronological evolution of the Paleoproterozoic Baoulé-Mossi domain of the Southern West African Craton', PRECAMBRIAN RESEARCH, 300, pp. 1-27. Detail

Le Pape, F., Jones, A., Jessell, M., Perrouty, S., Gallardo, L., Baratoux, L., Hogg, C., Siebenaller, L., Touré, A., Ouiya, P., Boren, G. 2017, 'Crustal structure of southern Burkina Faso inferred from magnetotelluric, gravity and magnetic data', PRECAMBRIAN RESEARCH, 300, pp. 261-272. Detail

Amara, M., Hamoudi, M., Djemaï, S., Bendaoud, A., Dufréchou, G., Jessell, W., Boubekri, H., Ouzegane, K., Guemmama, M., Machane, D. 2017, 'New insight of the geological structures and tectonic framework of Ahnet and northwestern part of Tin Zaouatine terranes (western Hoggar, Algeria) constraints from aeromagnetic, gamma ray, and remote sensing data', Arabian Journal of Geosciences, 10, 18,  Detail

Giraud, J., Pakyuz-Charrier, E., Jessell, M., Lindsay, M., Martin, R., Ogarko, V. 2017, 'Uncertainty reduction through geologically conditioned petrophysical constraints in joint inversion', GEOPHYSICS, 82, 6, pp. ID19-ID34. Detail

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Florian Wellmann, J., Thiele, S., Lindsay, M., Jessell, M. 2016, 'Pynoddy 1.0: An experimental platform for automated 3-D kinematic and potential field modelling', Geoscientific Model Development, 9, 3, pp. 1019-1035. Detail

Block, S., Jessell, M., Aillères, L., Baratoux, L., Bruguier, O., Zeh, A., Bosch, D., Caby, R., Mensah, E. 2016, 'Lower crust exhumation during Paleoproterozoic (Eburnean) orogeny, NW Ghana, West African Craton: Interplay of coeval contractional deformation and extensional gravitational collapse', PRECAMBRIAN RESEARCH, 274, pp. 82-109. Detail

Jessell, M., Begg, G., Miller, M. 2016, 'The geophysical signatures of the West African Craton', PRECAMBRIAN RESEARCH, 274, pp. 3-24. Detail

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Bons, P., Jansen, D., Mundel, F., Bauer, C., Binder, T., Eisen, O., Jessell, M., Llorens, M., Steinbach, F., Steinhage, D., Weikusat, I. 2016, 'Converging flow and anisotropy cause large-scale folding in Greenland's ice sheet', Nature Communications, 7,  Detail

Amponsah, P., Salvi, S., Didier, B., Baratoux, L., Siebenaller, L., Jessell, M., Nude, P., Gyawu, E. 2016, 'Multistage gold mineralization in the Wa-Lawra greenstone belt, NW Ghana: The Bepkong deposit', JOURNAL OF AFRICAN EARTH SCIENCES, 120, pp. 220-237. Detail

Markwitz, V., Hein, K., Jessell, M., Miller, J. 2016, 'Metallogenic portfolio of the West Africa craton', ORE GEOLOGY REVIEWS, 78, pp. 558-563. Detail

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Thiele, S., Jessell, M., Lindsay, M., Ogarko, V., Wellmann, J., Pakyuz-Charrier, E. 2016, 'The topology of geology 1: Topological analysis', JOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY, 91, pp. 27-38. Detail

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Feng, X., Jessell, M., Amponsah, P., Martin, R., Ganne, J., Liu, D., Batt, G. 2016, 'Effect of strain-weakening on Oligocene–Miocene self-organization of the Australian-Pacific plate boundary fault in southern New Zealand: Insights from numerical modelling', JOURNAL OF GEODYNAMICS, 100, pp. 130-143. Detail

Gonzalez Garcia, J., Jessell, M. 2016, 'A 3D geological model for the Ruiz-Tolima Volcanic Massif (Colombia): Assessment of geological uncertainty using a stochastic approach based on Bézier curve design', TECTONOPHYSICS, 687, pp. 139-157. Detail

Laurent, G., Ailleres, L., Grose, L., Caumon, G., Jessell, M., Armit, R. 2016, 'Implicit modeling of folds and overprinting deformation', EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS, 456, pp. 26-38. Detail

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Jessell, M., Boamah, K., Duodu, J., Ley-Cooper, Y. 2015, 'Geophysical evidence for a major palaeochannel within the Obosum Group of the Volta Basin, Northern Region, Ghana', JOURNAL OF AFRICAN EARTH SCIENCES, 112, B, pp. 586-596. Detail

Jessell, M., Santoul, J., Baratoux, L., Youbi, N., Ernst, R., Metelka, V., Miller, J., Perrouty, S. 2015, 'An updated map of West African mafic dykes', JOURNAL OF AFRICAN EARTH SCIENCES, 112, B, pp. 440-450. Detail

Metelka, V., Baratoux, L., Jessell, M., Naba, S. 2015, 'Visible and infrared properties of unaltered to weathered rocks from Precambrian granite-greenstone terrains of the West African Craton', JOURNAL OF AFRICAN EARTH SCIENCES, 112, B, pp. 570-585. Detail

Perrouty, S., Jessell, M., Bourassa, Y., Miller, J., Apau, D., Siebenaller, L., Velásquez, G., Baratoux, L., Aillères, L., Béziat, D., Salvi, S. 2015, 'The Wassa deposit: a poly-deformed orogenic gold system in southwest Ghana - Implications for regional exploration', JOURNAL OF AFRICAN EARTH SCIENCES, 112, B, pp. 536-547. Detail

Williams, P., Jessell, M., Baratoux, D., Ouedraogo, M., Bolster, S. 2015, 'Development of sustainable social licences in West Africa - A work in progress', AUSIMM BULLETIN, Dec 2015, 6, pp. 1-7. Detail

Laurent, G., Caumon, G., Jessell, M. 2015, 'Interactive editing of 3D geological structures and tectonic history sketching via a rigid element method', COMPUTERS & GEOSCIENCES, 74, pp. 71-86. Detail

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C2: Other Contribution to Refereed Journal

Jessell, M.W., Liégeois, J.-P 2015, '100 years of research on the West African Craton', JOURNAL OF AFRICAN EARTH SCIENCES, 112, pp. 377-381. Detail

C4: Journal Article (Letter Or Note)

Bagas, L., Xiao, K., Jessell, M., Li, N. 2017, 'Quantitative assessment of China's mineral resources Part 1', ORE GEOLOGY REVIEWS, 91, pp. 1081-1083. Detail

Jessell, M., Cawood, P., Miller, J. 2016, 'Craton to Regional-scale analysis of the Birimian of West Africa', PRECAMBRIAN RESEARCH, 274, pp. 1-2. Detail

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Baratoux, L., Jessell, M., SÖderlund, U., Ernst, R., Benoit, M., Naba, S., CournÈde, C., Perrouty, S., Metelka, V., Yatte, D., Diallo, D., Ndiaye, P., Baratoux, D. 2016, 'Distribution and U-Pb Ages of Newly Recognized Regional-Scale Dyke Swarms of the Leo Man Craton', ACTA GEOLOGICA SINICA-ENGLISH EDITION, 90, pp. 29. Detail

E1: Full Refereed Conference Publication

Grose, L., Laurent, G., Ailleres, L., Jessell, M., Caumon, G. 2015, 'Towards stochastic modelling of folds in poly-deformed terranes from structural data', Proceedings of IAMG 2015 - 17th Annual Conference of the International Association for Mathematical Geosciences, Netherlands, pp. 475-481. Detail

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