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Prof Lyn Parker

The Academic Details listed below present information collected by the University up to the end of 2013 and thus may not represent the full academic record.

Email: lyn.parker@uwa.edu.au  


Parker, L. 2017, 'An urgent need for Environmental Education',  Detail

Parker, L. 2017, 'A Write-Off',  Detail

Parker, L. 2017, 'Intersections of Gender/Sex, Multiculturalism and Religion: Young Muslim Minority Women in Contemporary Bali', Asian Studies Review, 41, 3, pp. 441-458. Detail

Parker, L. 2016, Pouring out One’s Heart: Close Friendships among Minangkabau Young People in Youth Identities and Social Transformation in Modern Indonesia, Koninklijke Brill NV  Detail

Parker, L., Creese, H. 2016, 'Introduction: The stigmatisation of widows and divorcees (janda) in Indonesian society', Indonesia and the Malay World, 44, 128, pp. 1-6. Detail

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Professor Lynette Parker, Professor Anu Rammohan, Doctor Philip Kreager, Doctor Elisabeth Schroeder-Butterfill, Doctor Jenny Munro 2016, 'Understanding Social, Economic and Health Vulnerabilities in Indonesia', ARC Discovery Projects.

Professor Lynette Parker, Dr Gregory Acciaioli, Doctor Pamela Nilan, Doctor Suraya Afiff, Associate Professor Yunita Winarto 2012, 'Fostering Pro-Environment Consciousness and Practice: Environmentalism, Environmentality and Environmental Education in Indonesia', ARC Discovery Projects.

Professor Lynette Parker, Associate Professor Helen Creese, Dr Anne Pohlman 2012, 'The Stigmatization of Widows & Divorcees - Janda - in Indonesian Society', UWA UQ Bilateral Research Collaboration Award.

Dr Raihani Raihani, Professor Lynette Parker 2008, 'Madrasah Governance and its Effectiveness', Australia Indonesia Governance Research Partnership.

Professor Lynette Parker, Dr Chang Hoon, Professor Raihani Raihani 2008, 'Education for a tolerant and multicultural Indonesia', ARC Discovery Projects.

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2017 PhD. Dr Schut. Supervised by: Dr Acciaioli, Prof Parker, Rutten

2016 PhD. Dr Riyani. Supervised by: Prof Parker, Dr Dales

2016 PhD. Dr Zhang. Supervised by: Dr Acciaioli, A/Prof Sigley, Prof Parker

2014 PhD. Dr Hariyadi. Supervised by: Dr Acciaioli, Prof Parker, A/Prof Dasgupta

2014 PhD. Dr Tanu. Supervised by: Prof Baldassar, Prof Parker

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