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Prof Leigh Simmons

The Academic Details listed below present information collected by the University up to the end of 2013 and thus may not represent the full academic record.

Email: leigh.simmons@uwa.edu.au  


Somjee, U., Miller, C., Tatarnic, N., Simmons, L. 2018, 'Experimental manipulation reveals a trade-off between weapons and testes', JOURNAL OF EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY, 31, 1, pp. 57-65. Detail

Buzatto, B., Thyer, E., Roberts, J., Simmons, L. 2017, 'Sperm competition and the evolution of precopulatory weapons: Testis size and amplexus position, but not arm strength, affect fertilization success in a chorusing frog', EVOLUTION, 71, 2, pp. 329-341. Detail

Foo, Y., Nakagawa, S., Rhodes, G., Simmons, L. 2017, 'The effects of sex hormones on immune function: a meta-analysis', BIOLOGICAL REVIEWS, 92, 1, pp. 551-571. Detail

Foo, Y., Simmons, L., Rhodes, G. 2017, 'Predictors of facial attractiveness and health in humans', Scientific Reports, 7, pp. 12. Detail

Hare, R., Schlatter, S., Rhodes, G., Simmons, L. 2017, 'Putative sex-specific human pheromones do not affect gender perception, attractiveness ratings or unfaithfulness judgements of opposite sex faces', Royal Society Open Science, 4, 3,  Detail

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Dr Catherine Car, Professor Leigh Simmons, Dr Mark Harvey, Dr Joel Huey 2017, 'Taxonomy, conservation systematics and speciation in the megadiverse millipede genus Antichiropus (Paradoxosomatidae)', Department of the Environment Australian Biological Resources Study ABRS.

Professor Leigh Simmons 2016, 'Evolution of the mammalian baculum', ARC Discovery Projects.

Professor Leigh Simmons 2015, 'Paternal effects: Non-genetic inheritance via seminal fluid?', ARC Discovery Projects.

Professor Leigh Simmons, Marlene Zuk 2014, 'The role of ecological and sexual selection in the rapid divergent evolution of a sexual signal', UWA Research Collaboration Awards.

Dr Diana Fisher, Professor Leigh Simmons, Dr Harriet Mills 2013, 'Evolutionary ecology of male reproduction in arid zone mammal with an extreme life history. (UQ Led)', UWA UQ Bilateral Research Collaboration Award ex University of Queensland.

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2017 PhD. Dr Wiley. Supervised by: Dr Ridley, Prof Simmons, Ozgul

2017 PhD. Dr Ashton. Supervised by: Dr Ridley, Thornton, Prof Simmons

2017 PhD. Dr Foo. Supervised by: Prof Rhodes, Prof Simmons

2016 PhD. Dr Seed. Supervised by: Prof Simmons, Dr Tomkins

2016 PhD. Dr Travers. Supervised by: A/Prof Garcia, Prof Simmons

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