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Dr Julian Bolleter

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Email: julian.bolleter@uwa.edu.au  Home Page
Phone: 6 318 6203

Dr Julian Bolleter is an Assistant Professor at the Australian Urban Design Research Centre (AUDRC) at the University of Western Australia. His role at the AUDRC includes teaching a master’s program in urban design and conducting urban design research and design projects. Since graduating in 1998 Dr Bolleter has practiced as a landscape architect in Australia and the Middle East on a diverse range of projects. In 2009 he completed a PhD that critically surveyed landscape architectural practice in Dubai and advanced scenarios for Dubai’s proposed public open space system. Julian and Richard Weller have recently completed a book entitled ‘Made in Australia: The Future of Australian Cities.’ The book scopes the urban implications of Australia’s population reaching 62.2 million by 2101.


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Bolleter, J., Baumeister, J. 2017, 'Living Streams for Living Suburbs',  Detail

Bolleter, J. 2017, 'Fringe benefits? A review of outer suburban development on Perth’s fringes in relation to state government goals concerning the natural environment and efficient transport connectivity', AUSTRALIAN PLANNER,  Detail

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Bolleter, J. 2017, 'Living suburbs for Living Streams: how urban design strategies can enhance the amenity provided by Living Stream orientated Public Open Space', JOURNAL OF URBAN DESIGN, pp. 1-26. Detail

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Professor Joerg Baumeister, Dr Julian Bolleter, Dr Anthony Duckworth-Smith 2017, 'Housing in modular building technology for seniors in Fremantle', WA Department of Housing.

Dr Julian Bolleter, Professor Joerg Baumeister, Dr Anthony Duckworth-Smith 2017, 'Shortline Medium Density Village: Innovation Through Demonstration Opportunity', Landcorp (Western Australian Land Authority).

Professor Joerg Baumeister, Dr Julian Bolleter, Dr Anthony Duckworth-Smith 2017, 'Collaborative, applied research in support of policy in the space of urban design', Western Australian Planning Commission.

Dr Anthony Duckworth-Smith, Professor Joerg Baumeister, Dr Julian Bolleter 2016, 'Fremantle Housing Diversity, Community Engagement Phase', City of Fremantle.

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