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A/Prof Jennifer Rodger

The Academic Details listed below present information collected by the University up to the end of 2013 and thus may not represent the full academic record.

Email: jennifer.rodger@uwa.edu.au  
Phone: 6488 2245


You, S.W., Hellström, M., Pollett, M.A., LeVaillant, C., Moses, C., Rigby, P.J., Penrose, M., Rodger, J., Harvey, A.R. 2016, 'Large-scale reconstitution of a retina-to-brain pathway in adult rats using gene therapy and bridging grafts: An anatomical and behavioral analysis', Experimental Neurology, 279, pp. 197-211. Detail

Richman, T.R., Spahr, H., Ermer, J.A., Davies, S.M.K., Viola, H.M., Bates, K.A., Papadimitriou, J., Hool, L.C., Rodger, J., Larsson, N.G., Rackham, O., Filipovska, A. 2016, 'Loss of the RNA-binding protein TACO1 causes late-onset mitochondrial dysfunction in mice', Nature Communications, 7, pp. 1-14. Detail

Tang, A.D., Lowe, A.S., Garrett, A.R., Woodward, R., Bennett, W., Canty, A.J., Garry, M.I., Hinder, M.R., Summers, J.J., Gersner, R., Rotenberg, A., Thickbroom, G., Walton, J., Rodger, J. 2016, 'Construction and evaluation of rodent-specific rTMS coils', Frontiers in Neural Circuits, 10, JUNE,  Detail

Tang, A.D., Hong, I., Boddington, L.J., Garrett, A.R., Etherington, S., Reynolds, J.N.J., Rodger, J. 2016, 'Low-intensity repetitive magnetic stimulation lowers action potential threshold and increases spike firing in layer 5 pyramidal neurons in vitro', Neuroscience, 335, pp. 64-71. Detail

Sykes, M., Matheson, N.A., Brownjohn, P.W., Tang, A.D., Rodger, J., Shemmeii, J.B.H., Reynolds, J.N.J. 2016, 'Differences in motor evoked potentials induced in rats by transcranial magnetic stimulation under two separate anesthetics: Implications for plasticity studies', Frontiers in Neural Circuits, 10, OCT,  Detail

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Associate Professor Jennifer Rodger 2017, 'Interaction of brain state with low intensity repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation to promote repair', Neurotrauma Research Program (NRP).

Dr Kirk Feindel, Professor David Sampson, Associate Professor Jennifer Pillow, Associate Professor Livia Hool, Dr Caitlin Wyrwoll, Dr Melinda Fitzgerald, Associate Professor Jennifer Rodger, Dr Stuart Hodgetts, Professor Bruce Robinson, Professor George Yeoh, Dr Ruth Ganss, Dr Juliana Hamzah, Mr Garry Lee, Dr Sally Lansley, Dr Raelene Endersby, Associate Professor Bruno Meloni 2016, 'In-vivo physiological monitoring equipment for UWA’s Flagship Preclinical 9.4 T MRI Facility', NHMRC Equipment Grants.

Associate Professor Jennifer Rodger, Dr Kim Carter, Emeritus Professor Alan Harvey 2016, 'Switching on regeneration: using microRNAs to promote CNS repair', Neurotrauma Research Program (NRP).

Associate Professor Michael Rosenberg, Doctor Anne-Maree Vallence, Associate Professor Jennifer Rodger, Dr Alex Shaykevich 2016, 'A tailored music therapy and real-time bio feedback mobile phone app to promote motor rehabilitation following Neurotrauma', Neurotrauma Research Program (NRP).

Professor Ryan Lister, Associate Professor Jennifer Rodger 2016, 'Characterising the role of the dynamic epigenome in neurotrauma treatment', Neurotrauma Research Program (NRP).

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2017 PhD. Miss Makowiecki. Supervised by: A/Prof Rodger, Thickbroom, E/Prof Harvey

2017 PhD. Dr Tang. Supervised by: A/Prof Rodger, Summers, Canty, Prof Martin

2016 Masters. Mr Supreme. Supervised by: A/Prof Rodger, Dr Carter, E/Prof Harvey

2016 PhD. Dr Salas Lopez. Supervised by: Prof Collin, Dr Hart, A/Prof Rodger, Dr Yopak

2015 PhD. Dr Challenor. Supervised by: Dr Fitzgerald, A/Prof Rodger, Dr Swaminatha Iyer, Prof Dunlop

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