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Dr Henning Prommer

The Academic Details listed below present information collected by the University up to the end of 2013 and thus may not represent the full academic record.

Email: henning.prommer@uwa.edu.au  
Phone: 9333 6272


Wu, M.Z., Post, V.E.A., Salmon, S.U., Morway, E.D., Prommer, H. 2016, 'PHT3D-UZF: A Reactive Transport Model for Variably-Saturated Porous Media', Groundwater, 54, 1, pp. 23-34. Detail

Rawson, J., Prommer, H., Siade, A., Carr, J., Berg, M., Davis, J.A., Fendorf, S. 2016, 'Numerical Modeling of Arsenic Mobility during Reductive Iron-Mineral Transformations', Environmental Science and Technology, 50, 5, pp. 2459-2467. Detail

Seibert, S., Atteia, O., Salmon, U.U., Siade, A., Douglas, G., Prommer, H.M. 2016, 'Identification and quantification of redox and pH buffering processes in a heterogeneous, low carbonate aquifer during managed aquifer recharge', WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH, N/A, pp. 1-23. Detail

Hamann, E., Post, V., Kohfahl, C., Prommer, H.M., Simmons, C.T. 2015, 'Numerical investigation of coupled density-driven flow and hydrogeochemical processes below playas', WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH, 51, 11, pp. 9338-9352. Detail

Torkzaban, S., Bradford, S.A., Vanderzalm, J.L., Patterson, B.M., Harris, B., Prommer, H.M. 2015, 'Colloid release and clogging in porous media: Effects of solution ionic strength and flow velocity', JOURNAL OF CONTAMINANT HYDROLOGY, 181, pp. 161-171. Detail

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Dr Henning Prommer, Dr Jing Sun 2017, 'Collaboration in Research Environmental Hydrogeology - Visitor Agreement Dr Jing Sun', CSIRO.

Dr Adam Siade, Dr Henning Prommer 2016, 'Visitor Agreement - Development, testing and calibration of solute and reactive transport models - constraining groundwater flow rates in the Surat Basin through environmental tracer and hydrochemical data', CSIRO.

Professor Andries Fourie, Dr Henning Prommer, Mrs Evelien Martens 2015, 'Feasibility of Electrokinetic In Situ Leaching', Minerals Research Institute of Western Australia.

Dr Andrew Rate, Dr Sally Salmon, Dr Henning Prommer, Professor Zdenko Rengel 2012, 'Literature Review: Geochemical Background and Mobility of Thorium and Uranium from Mineral Sands', Iluka Resources Limited.

Dr Henning Prommer, Professor Alexander Gardner, Professor David Pannell 2009, 'ARC NWC Co Funded Centre for Groundwater Research & Training - Discussions with ARC', Flinders University ex ARC NWC Co-Funded Centre for Groundwater Research and Training.

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2017 PhD. Dr Seibert. Supervised by: Dr Salmon, Dr Prommer, Dr Siade

2012 PhD. Dr Wu. Supervised by: Reynolds, Prof Smettem, Prommer, Prof Fourie

2011 PhD. Dr Descourvieres Joiko. Supervised by: Dr Prommer, Dr Patterson, Prof Oldham

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