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Dr George Bourantas

The Academic Details listed below present information collected by the University up to the end of 2013 and thus may not represent the full academic record.

Email: george.bourantas@uwa.edu.au  


Loukopoulos, V., Bourantas, G., Labropoulos, D., Nikiforidis, V., Bordas, S., Nikiforidis, G. 2016, 'Numerical study of magnetic particles concentration in biofluid (blood) under the influence of high gradient magnetic field in microchannel', ECCOMAS Congress 2016: Proceedings of the 7th European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering, pp. 1084-1092. Detail

Bourantas, G., Loukopoulos, V., Skouras, E., Burganos, V., Nikiforidis, G. 2016, 'An IPOT meshless method using DC PSE approximation for fluid flow equations in 2D and 3D geometries', International Conference of Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics 2015, 1738,  Detail

Bourantas, G., Cheeseman, B., Ramaswamy, R., Sbalzarini, I. 2016, 'Using DC PSE operator discretization in Eulerian meshless collocation methods improves their robustness in complex geometries', COMPUTERS & FLUIDS, 136, pp. 285-300. Detail

Karagiannakis, N., Bourantas, G., Kalarakis, A., Skouras, E., Burganos, V. 2015, 'Meshless local Petrov-Galerkin method with moving least squares approximation for transient thermal conduction applications with variable conductivity', Proceedings of the International Conference on Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics 2014, 1648,  Detail

Ramaswamy, R., Bourantas, G., J├╝licher, F., Sbalzarini, I. 2015, 'A hybrid particle-mesh method for incompressible active polar viscous gels', JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL PHYSICS, 291, pp. 334-361. Detail

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Dr Grand Joldes, A/Prof Simon Warfield, Dr Georgios Bourantas 2017, 'Real Time Brain Deformation Computation for Accurate Target Localisation in Epilepsy Treatment', UWA Research Collaboration Awards.

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