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Dr Foteini Kakulas

The Academic Details listed below present information collected by the University up to the end of 2013 and thus may not represent the full academic record.

Email: foteini.kakulas@uwa.edu.au  Home Page
Phone: 64884467


Kugananthan, S., Gridneva, Z., Lai, C., Hepworth, A., Mark, P., Kakulas, F., Geddes, D. 2017, 'Associations between maternal body composition and appetite hormones and macronutrients in human milk', Nutrients, 9, 3, pp. 18. Detail

Geddes, D., Twigger, A., Savigni, D., Kent, J., Kakulas, F. 2017, 'Milk cell gene expression of mothers with low breast milk production', FASEB JOURNAL, 31, pp. 1. Detail

Geddes, D., Kakulas, F., Wise, M., Hartmann, P. 2016, 'Human milk composition and function in the infant', Fetal and Neonatal Physiology , 1, pp. 273-280. Detail

Agarwal, V., Toshniwal, P., Smith, N., Smith, N., Li, B., Clemons, T., Byrne, L., Kakulas, F., Wood, F., Fear, M., Corry, B., Swaminathan Lyer, K. 2016, 'Enhancing the efficacy of cation-independent mannose 6-phosphate receptor inhibitors by intracellular delivery', CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, 52, 2, pp. 327-330. Detail

Alsaweed, M., Lai, C., Hartmann, P., Geddes, D., Kakulas, F. 2016, 'Human milk miRNAs primarily originate from the mammary gland resulting in unique miRNA profiles of fractionated milk', Scientific Reports, 6,  Detail

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Dr Donna Geddes 2014, 'Illuminating the Life-Giving Properties of Human Milk', Medela AG.

Dr Melanie Jackson, Dr Foteini Kakulas, Professor Anna Nowak 2014, 'Expression and Significance of Embryonic Stem Cell Associated Genes in Glioblastoma and Gliosarcoma', WA Department of Health.

Dr Foteini Kakulas 2013, 'Physiology of Human Lactation', Medela AG.

Dr Foteini Kakulas 2013, 'AAA Postdoctoral Fellowship - New Horizons for Regenerative Medicine using Breast Milk Stem Cells', American Association of Anatomists.

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2017 PhD. Dr Twigger. Supervised by: Dr Geddes, Dr Kakulas, E/Prof Hartmann

2016 PhD. Dr Alsaweed. Supervised by: E/Prof Hartmann, Dr Kakulas, Dr Geddes, Prof Newnham

2014 PhD. Dr Prabhakaran. Supervised by: Dr Blancafort, Filgueira, Dr Kakulas

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