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Prof David Joyce

The Academic Details listed below present information collected by the University up to the end of 2013 and thus may not represent the full academic record.

Email: david.joyce@uwa.edu.au  


Steer, J.H., Mann, T.S., Lo, S.Z.Y., Inglis, J.J., Yap, H.S., Henry, P.J., Joyce, D.A. 2013, 'Early induction of uncoupling protein-2 in pulmonary macrophages in hyperoxia-associated lung injury', Inhalation Toxicology, 25, 9, pp. 544-552. Detail

Lo, S.Z., Steer, J.H., Joyce, D.A. 2011, 'Tumor necrosis factor-alpha promotes survival in methotrexate-exposed macrophages by an NF-B-dependent pathway', ARTHRITIS RESEARCH & THERAPY, 13, pp. 13pp. Detail

Lo, S.Z., Steer, J.H., Joyce, D.A. 2011, 'TNF-a renders macrophages resistant to a range of cancer chemotherapeutic agents through NF-kB-mediated antagonism of apoptosis signalling', CANCER LETTERS, 307, pp. 80-92. Detail

NORRIS, R.L., MARTIN, J.H., THOMPSON, E., RAY, J.E., FULLINFAW, R.O., JOYCE, D., BARRAS, M., JONES, G.R., MORRIS, R.G. 2010, 'Current Status of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring in Australia and New Zealand: A Need for Improved Assay Evaluation, Best Practice Guidelines, and Professional Development', THERAPEUTIC DRUG MONITORING, 32, 5, pp. 615-623. Detail

LIU, M., SAKAMAKI, T., CASIMIRO, M.C., WILLMARTH, N.E., QUONG, A.A., JU, X., OJEIFO, J., XUANMAO, J., YEOW, W.S., KATIYAR, S., SHIRLEY, L.A., JOYCE, D.A., LISANTI, M.P., ALBANESE, C., PESTELL, R.G. 2010, 'The canonical NF-κB pathway governs mammary tumorigenesis in transgenic mice and tumor stem cell expansion', Cancer Research, 70, 24, pp. 10464-10473. Detail

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Professor Stephan Schug, Professor David Joyce 2014, 'Osteoarthritis Pain Mechanisms & Mediators - The Roles of NGF & IL-1', Australian & New Zealand College of Anaesthetists.

Dr Julia Inglis, Professor David Joyce 2011, 'Small molecule antagonists at the TrkA receptor for the treatment of pain', University of Bristol ex Medical Research Council.

Professor David Joyce, Associate Professor Peter Henry 2008, 'Macrophage Uncoupling Protein-2 Regulation and Expression in Inflammatory Joint Disease and Hyperoxic Lung Damage', NHMRC Project Grants.

Winthrop Professor Jiake Xu, Professor David Joyce 2004, 'Inhibition of RANKL-induced Osteoclastogenesis Through Selective Modulation of NF-KB Signal Pathways by Protein Kinase C Isoforms and by Parthenolide', Arthritis Foundation of WA.

Professor David Joyce, Dr G Rangan 2000, 'Tubular cell proliferation and proteinuric chronic renal disease', Medical Research Fund of WA.

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2010 PhD. Dr Cruickshank. Supervised by: Dyer, Prof Joyce, E/Prof Ilett

2008 PhD. Dr Matthew. Supervised by: Wilce, Prof Joyce

2008 PhD. Dr Lo. Supervised by: Dr Steer, Prof Joyce

2007 PhD. Dr Vivian. Supervised by: Prof Joyce, Wilce

2006 PhD. Dr Thompson. Supervised by: Prof Joyce, Wilce

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