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Prof Daniel Murphy

The Academic Details listed below present information collected by the University up to the end of 2013 and thus may not represent the full academic record.

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Rui, Y., Gleeson, D., Murphy, D., Hoyle, F. 2017, 'Responses of microbial biomass and CO<sub>2</sub>-C loss to different wetting patterns are temperature dependent in a semi-arid soil', Scientific Reports, 7, 1,  Detail

Madiba, O., Solaiman, Z., Carson, J., Murphy, D. 2016, 'Biochar increases availability and uptake of phosphorus to wheat under leaching conditions', BIOLOGY AND FERTILITY OF SOILS, 52, 4, pp. 439-446. Detail

Cai, A., Xu, H., Shao, X., Zhu, P., Zhang, W., Xu, M., Murphy, D. 2016, 'Carbon and nitrogen mineralization in relation to soil particle-size fractions after 32 years of chemical and manure application in a continuous maize cropping system', PLoS One, 11, 3,  Detail

Jenkins, S., Murphy, D., Waite, I., Rushton, S., O'Donnell, T. 2016, 'Ancient landscapes and the relationship with microbial nitrification', Scientific Reports, 6, pp. 1-8. Detail

Barton, L., Hoyle, F., Stefanova, K., Murphy, D. 2016, 'Incorporating organic matter alters soil greenhouse gas emissions and increases grain yield in a semi-arid climate', AGRICULTURE ECOSYSTEMS & ENVIRONMENT, 231, pp. 320-330. Detail

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Mr Craig Scanlan, Professor Daniel Murphy, Ms Frances Hoyle, Dr Louise Barton, Dr Fiona Evans, Mr Gavin Sarre 2017, 'Increasing profit from N, P and K fertiliser inputs into the evolving cropping sequences in the Western Region', Grains Research & Development Corporation.

Ms Frances Hoyle, Professor Daniel Murphy 2016, 'SoilsWest Alliance - Agriculture', WA Department of Agriculture & Food DAFWA Royalties for Regions.

Professor Anthony O'Donnell, Professor Daniel Murphy, Professor Andrew Whiteley, Dr Louise Barton, Ms Frances Hoyle 2016, 'Healthy Soils for Sustainable Food Production & Environmental Quality', University of Melbourne ex Department of Industry and Science Australia China Science and Research Fund.

Professor Daniel Murphy 2015, 'The new Soil Quality ebook', WA Department of Agriculture and Food DAFWA.

Dr Louise Barton, Professor Daniel Murphy, Dr Fran Hoyle, Dr Craig Scanlan 2015, 'Organic Matter and Nutrient Availability', University of Queensland ex Grains Research & Development Corporation GRDC.

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2015 PhD. Dr Fisk. Supervised by: Dr Barton, Prof Murphy, Dr Maccarone

2014 PhD. Dr Md Jaafar. Supervised by: E/Prof Abbott, A/Prof Clode, Prof Murphy

2014 PhD. Dr Shanmugam. Supervised by: Prof Murphy, E/Prof Abbott

2013 PhD. Dr Dempster. Supervised by: Dr Gleeson, E/Prof Abbott, Prof Murphy

2009 PhD. Dr O'Keeffe. Supervised by: Prof Murphy, E/Prof Abbott

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