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Dr Chris Beckett

The Academic Details listed below present information collected by the University up to the end of 2013 and thus may not represent the full academic record.

Email: christopher.beckett@uwa.edu.au  Home Page
Phone: 6488 3761

Chris Beckett joined UWA in January 2012 following the conferral of his PhD and Master’s degrees from Durham University, UK. His research focuses on the interaction between soil microstructural features and their mechanical properties, within the unsaturated soil mechanics (USM) framework.


Beckett, C., Bewsher, S., Guzzomi, A., Lehane, B., Fourie, A., Riethmuller, G. 2018, 'Evaluation of the dynamic cone penetrometer to detect compaction in ripped soils', SOIL & TILLAGE RESEARCH, 175, pp. 150-157. Detail

Beckett, C., Cardell-Oliver, R., Ciancio, D., Huebner, C. 2018, 'Measured and simulated thermal behaviour in rammed earth houses in a hot-arid climate. Part A: Structural behaviour', Journal of Building Engineering, 15, pp. 243-251. Detail

Arrigoni, A., Grillet, A., Pelosato, R., Dotelli, G., Beckett, C., Woloszyn, M., Ciancio, D. 2017, 'Reduction of rammed earth's hygroscopic performance under stabilisation: an experimental investigation', BUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT, 115, pp. 358-367. Detail

Arrigoni, A., Pelosato, R., Dotelli, G., Beckett, C., Ciancio, D. 2017, 'Weathering's beneficial effect on waste-stabilised rammed earth: a chemical and microstructural investigation', CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS, 140, pp. 157-166. Detail

Arrigoni, A., Beckett, C., Ciancio, D., Dotelli, G. 2017, 'Life cycle analysis of environmental impact vs. durability of stabilised rammed earth', CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS, 142, pp. 128-136. Detail

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Associate Professor Rachel Cardell-Oliver, Associate Professor Adrian Keating, Dr Christopher Beckett, Mr Gino Putrino, Professor Christof Huebner, Professor Dr Dennis Trebbels 2016, 'Towards Zero-Energy Sensing Systems for Building Monitoring', Universities Australia DAAD German Research Cooperation.

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