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Prof Cheryl Praeger

The Academic Details listed below present information collected by the University up to the end of 2013 and thus may not represent the full academic record.

Email: cheryl.praeger@uwa.edu.au  
Phone: 08 6488 3344


Fawcett, J.B., Praeger, C.E. 2016, 'Base sizes of imprimitive linear groups and orbits of general linear groups on spanning tuples', Archiv der Mathematik, 106, 4, pp. 305-314. Detail

Gillespie, N.I., Giudici, M., Hawtin, D.R., Praeger, C.E. 2016, 'Entry-faithful 2-neighbour transitive codes', Designs, Codes, and Cryptography, 79, 3, pp. 549-564. Detail

Giudici, M., Ivanov, A.A., Morgan, L., Praeger, C.E. 2016, 'A characterisation of weakly locally projective amalgams related to A16 and the sporadic simple groups M24 and He', Journal of Algebra, 460, pp. 340-365. Detail

Cameron, P.J., Praeger, C.E. 2016, 'Constructing flag-transitive, point-imprimitive designs', Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics, 43, 4, pp. 755-769. Detail

Iradmusa, M.N., Praeger, C.E. 2016, 'Two-sided group digraphs and graphs', Journal of Graph Theory, 82, 3, pp. 279-295. Detail

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Associate Professor Michael Giudici, Professor Cheryl Praeger 2015, 'Permutation groups: factorisations, structure and applications', ARC Discovery Projects.

Professor Cheryl Praeger, Dr Stephen Glasby, Professor Alice Niemeyer 2013, 'Finite linearly representable geometries and symmetry', ARC Discovery Projects.

Dr John Bamberg, Dr Alice Devillers, Professor Cheryl Praeger 2012, 'Permutation Groups & their Interrelationship with the Symmetry of Graphs Codes & Geometric Configurations', ARC Discovery Projects.

Professor Cheryl Praeger, Professor Alice Niemeyer, Professor Akos Seress 2010, 'Symmetry & Computation', ARC Discovery Projects.

Professor Alice Niemeyer, Professor Cheryl Praeger 2007, 'DP0879134 - Groups - Statistics Structure and Alogorithms', ARC Discovery Projects.

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2014 PhD. Mr Corr. Supervised by: Seress - DECEASED, Prof Praeger

2013 PhD. Dr Jin. Supervised by: Prof Li, Prof Praeger, Dr Devillers

2012 PhD. Dr Amarra. Supervised by: A/Prof Giudici, Prof Praeger

2012 PhD. Dr Gillespie. Supervised by: Prof Praeger

2011 PhD. Dr Zhang. Supervised by: Prof Li, Prof Praeger

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