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E/Prof Charles Oxnard

The Academic Details listed below present information collected by the University up to the end of 2013 and thus may not represent the full academic record.

Email: charles.oxnard@uwa.edu.au  


Stearne, S., McDonald, K., Alderson, J., North, I., Oxnard, C., Rubenson, J. 2016, 'The foot's Arch and the Energetics of Human Locomotion', Scientific Reports, 6, pp. 1-10. Detail

Pan, R., Oxnard, C., Grueter, C., Li, B., Qi, X., He, G., Guo, S., Garber, P. 2016, 'A new conservation strategy for China—A model starting with primates', AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PRIMATOLOGY, 78, 11, pp. 1137-1148. Detail

Oxnard, C. 2015, The Scientific Bases of Human Anatomy, , Wiley-Blackwell, USA Detail

Franklin, D., Cardini, A., Flavel, A., Kuliukas, A., Marks, M., Hart, R., Oxnard, C., O'Higgins, P. 2013, 'Concordance of traditional osteometric and volume-rendered MSCT interlandmark cranial measurements', INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF LEGAL MEDICINE, 127, 2, pp. 505-520. Detail

Oxnard, C., Franklin, D., Cardini, A., O'Higgins, P. 2013, 'Morphometrics in forensic science: steps towards the development of population specific standards', AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY, USA, 150, S56, pp. 213-213. Detail

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Emeritus Professor Charles Oxnard 2013, 'MHRIF Round 17 - Charles Oxnard', Medical & Health Research Infrastructure Fund.

Emeritus Professor Charles Oxnard 2012, 'Round 16 - Oxnard', Medical & Health Research Infrastructure Fund.

Associate Professor Debra Judge, Emeritus Professor Lincoln Schmitt, Dr Katherine Sanders, Emeritus Professor Charles Oxnard 2011, 'Survival & Growth of Children in Rural East Timor - The Influences of Family Structure Resources & Local Environment on Child Outcomes', ARC Discovery Projects.

Emeritus Professor Charles Oxnard 2011, 'Medical & Health Research Infrastructure Fund - Round 15 - Oxnard', Medical & Health Research Infrastructure Fund.

Associate Professor Daniel Franklin, Emeritus Professor Charles Oxnard, Professor Roger Watling, Professor Paul O'Higgins, Dr Andrea Cardini, A/Prof Jurian Hoogewerff, Mr Haydn Green, Professor Murray Marks 2009, 'Novel Approaches to the Forensic Identification of Human Remains: Integration of Studies of Bone Form and Chemistry', ARC Discovery Projects.

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2016 PhD. Dr Kuliukas. Supervised by: Prof Fournier, A/Prof Milne, E/Prof Oxnard

2015 PhD. Dr Burns. Supervised by: A/Prof Judge, E/Prof Oxnard

2014 PhD. Dr Karkhanis. Supervised by: A/Prof Franklin, Dr Mack, E/Prof Oxnard

2012 Masters. Ms Hemy. Supervised by: E/Prof Oxnard, Byard, A/Prof Franklin

2011 Masters. Miss Ishak. Supervised by: E/Prof Oxnard, Byard, A/Prof Franklin

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