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E/Prof Charles Oxnard

The Academic Details listed below present information collected by the University up to the end of 2013 and thus may not represent the full academic record.

Email: charles.oxnard@uwa.edu.au  


Pan, R., Oxnard, C., Grueter, C., Li, B., Qi, X., He, G., Guo, S., Garber, P. 2016, 'A new conservation strategy for China—A model starting with primates', AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PRIMATOLOGY, 78, 11, pp. 1137-1148. Detail

Stearne, S., McDonald, K., Alderson, J., North, I., Oxnard, C., Rubenson, J. 2016, 'The foot's Arch and the Energetics of Human Locomotion', Scientific Reports, 6, pp. 1-10. Detail

Oxnard, C. 2015, The Scientific Bases of Human Anatomy, , Wiley-Blackwell, USA Detail

Franklin, D., Cardini, A., Flavel, A., Kuliukas, A., Marks, M., Hart, R., Oxnard, C., O'Higgins, P. 2013, 'Concordance of traditional osteometric and volume-rendered MSCT interlandmark cranial measurements', INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF LEGAL MEDICINE, 127, 2, pp. 505-520. Detail

Oxnard, C., Franklin, D., Cardini, A., O'Higgins, P. 2013, 'Morphometrics in forensic science: steps towards the development of population specific standards', AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY, USA, 150, S56, pp. 213-213. Detail

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Emeritus Professor Charles Oxnard 2013, 'MHRIF Round 17 - Charles Oxnard', Medical & Health Research Infrastructure Fund.

Emeritus Professor Charles Oxnard 2012, 'Round 16 - Oxnard', Medical & Health Research Infrastructure Fund.

Associate Professor Debra Judge, Emeritus Professor Lincoln Schmitt, Dr Katherine Sanders, Emeritus Professor Charles Oxnard 2011, 'Survival & Growth of Children in Rural East Timor - The Influences of Family Structure Resources & Local Environment on Child Outcomes', ARC Discovery Projects.

Emeritus Professor Charles Oxnard 2011, 'Medical & Health Research Infrastructure Fund - Round 15 - Oxnard', Medical & Health Research Infrastructure Fund.

Associate Professor Daniel Franklin, Emeritus Professor Charles Oxnard, Professor Roger Watling, Professor Paul O'Higgins, Dr Andrea Cardini, A/Prof Jurian Hoogewerff, Mr Haydn Green, Professor Murray Marks 2009, 'Novel Approaches to the Forensic Identification of Human Remains: Integration of Studies of Bone Form and Chemistry', ARC Discovery Projects.

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2016 PhD. Dr Kuliukas. Supervised by: Prof Fournier, A/Prof Milne, E/Prof Oxnard

2015 PhD. Dr Burns. Supervised by: A/Prof Judge, E/Prof Oxnard

2014 PhD. Dr Karkhanis. Supervised by: A/Prof Franklin, Dr Mack, E/Prof Oxnard

2012 Masters. Ms Hemy. Supervised by: E/Prof Oxnard, Byard, A/Prof Franklin

2011 Masters. Miss Ishak. Supervised by: E/Prof Oxnard, Byard, A/Prof Franklin

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