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Prof Charitha Pattiaratchi

The Academic Details listed below present information collected by the University up to the end of 2013 and thus may not represent the full academic record.

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Phone: (08)6488 3179

Prof. Charitha Pattiaratchi holds Bachelors, Masters and PhD degrees from the University of Wales, UK.  He has been at the University of Western Australia for over 20 years and currently holds the positions of Winthrop Professor of Coastal Oceanography and Head of the School of Environmental Systems Engineering.  Prof. Pattiaratchi has supervised over 30 PhD students and 100 honours students and has published over 300 articles/reports on coastal oceanography, which include over 100 in peer-reviewed international journals.  He has received more than $ 25 million in research funding.  Prof. Pattiaratchi's research interests are in coastal physical oceanography and coastal sediment transport, with emphasis on field experiments and numerical modelling.  He has played an active role in examining climate change effects in coastal regions of Western Australia and particularly in terms ocean currents, wind and wave climate, sea level variability, coastal flooding and beach stability.


Reisser, J.W., Slat, B., Noble, K., Du Plessis, K., Epp, M., Proietti, M.C., De Sonneville, J., Becker, T., Pattiaratchi, C.B. 2015, 'The vertical distribution of buoyant plastics at sea: An observational study in the North Atlantic Gyre', Biogeosciences, 12, 4, pp. 1249-1256. Detail

Pattiaratchi, C.B., Telcik, N. 2014, 'Influence of northwest cloudbands on southwest Australian rainfall', Journal of Climatology, Article 671394, pp. 11. Detail

Haigh, I.D., Wahl, T., Rohling, E.J., Price, R.M., Pattiaratchi, C.B., Calafat, F.M., Dangerdorf, S. 2014, 'Timescales for detecting a significant acceleration in sea level rise', Nature Communications, 5, pp. 11pp. Detail

Greenslade, S., Pattiaratchi, C.B. 2014, 'Introduction to “Numerical Modelling of Tsunamis”', CONTINENTAL SHELF RESEARCH, 79, Special, pp. 1-2. Detail

Thotagamuwage, D.T., Pattiaratchi, C.B. 2014, 'Observations of infragravity period oscillations in a small marina', Ocean Engineering, 88, pp. 435-445. Detail

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Professor Charitha Pattiaratchi, Dr Sarath Wijeratne, Mr Matthew Eliot, Dr Ivan Haigh 2014, 'Develop Better Predictions for Extreme Water Levels', Bushfires and Natural Hazards CRC.

Professor Charitha Pattiaratchi 2014, 'Integrated Marine Observing System IMOS Australian Coastal Ocean Radar Network ACORN', University of Tasmania ex Education Investment Fund EIF.

Professor Charitha Pattiaratchi 2013, 'Marine Virtual Laboratory MARVL', University of Tasmania ex National eResearch Collaboration Tools and Resources ( NeCTAR ) Program.

Professor Charitha Pattiaratchi 2013, 'Seagrass Wrack Movement & Coastal Sediment Transport Assessment for the Two Rocks Marina Re Development', WA Department of Transport.

Professor Charitha Pattiaratchi 2013, 'Australian National Facility for Ocean Gliders ANFOG', University of Tasmania ex Collaborative Research Infrastructure Scheme CRIS.

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2015 PhD. Mrs Thotagamuwage. Supervised by: Prof Pattiaratchi

2014 PhD. Mr Bosserelle. Supervised by: Dr Haigh, Prof Pattiaratchi

2013 PhD. R/Asst/Pro Hetzel. Supervised by: Prof Lowe, Prof Pattiaratchi

2013 PhD. Dr Gallop. Supervised by: Prof Pattiaratchi, Eliot

2012 PhD. Dr Taebi. Supervised by: Prof Lowe, Symonds, Prof Ivey, Prof Pattiaratchi

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