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A/Prof Bruno Meloni

The Academic Details listed below present information collected by the University up to the end of 2013 and thus may not represent the full academic record.

Email: bruno.meloni@perron.uwa.edu.au  
Phone: 9346 3535


Edwards, A., Cross, J., Anderton, R., Knuckey, N., Meloni, B. 2018, 'Poly-arginine R18 and R18D (D-enantiomer) peptides reduce infarct volume and improves behavioural outcomes following perinatal hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy in the P7 rat', Molecular Brain, 11, 1,  Detail

Milani, D., Cross, J., Anderton, R., Blacker, D., Knuckey, N., Meloni, B. 2017, 'Neuroprotective efficacy of poly-arginine R18 and NA-1 (TAT-NR2B9c) peptides following transient middle cerebral artery occlusion in the rat', NEUROSCIENCE RESEARCH, 114, pp. 9-15. Detail

MacDougall, G., Anderton, R., Edwards, A., Knuckey, N., Meloni, B. 2017, 'The Neuroprotective Peptide Poly-Arginine-12 (R12) Reduces Cell Surface Levels of NMDA NR2B Receptor Subunit in Cortical Neurons; Investigation into the Involvement of Endocytic Mechanisms', JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR NEUROSCIENCE, 61, 2, pp. 235-246. Detail

Edwards, A., Anderton, R., Knuckey, N., Meloni, B. 2017, 'Characterisation of neuroprotective efficacy of modified poly-arginine-9 (R9) peptides using a neuronal glutamic acid excitotoxicity model', MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR BIOCHEMISTRY, 426, 1-2, pp. 75-85. Detail

Edwards, A., Feindel, K., Cross, J., Anderton, R., Clark, V., Knuckey, N., Meloni, B. 2017, 'Modification to the Rice-Vannucci perinatal hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy model in the P7 rat improves the reliability of cerebral infarct development after 48 hours', JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE METHODS, 288, pp. 62-71. Detail

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Associate Professor Bruno Meloni, Clinical Professor Neville Knuckey, Dr Stuart Hodgetts, Dr Jane Cross 2017, 'Pre-clinical assessment of poly-arginine peptide R18D as a therapeutic to reduce central nervous system injury following neurotrauma', Neurotrauma Research Program (NRP).

Dr Kirk Feindel, Professor David Sampson, Associate Professor Jennifer Pillow, Associate Professor Livia Hool, Dr Caitlin Wyrwoll, Dr Melinda Fitzgerald, Associate Professor Jennifer Rodger, Dr Stuart Hodgetts, Professor Bruce Robinson, Emeritus Professor George Yeoh, Dr Ruth Ganss, Dr Juliana Hamzah, Mr Garry Lee, Dr Sally Lansley, Dr Raelene Endersby, Associate Professor Bruno Meloni 2016, 'In-vivo physiological monitoring equipment for UWA’s Flagship Preclinical 9.4 T MRI Facility', NHMRC Equipment Grants.

Dr Jane Cross, Associate Professor Bruno Meloni, Clinical Professor Neville Knuckey, Dr David Blacker 2015, 'Pre-clinical Assessment of Poly-arginine Peptides as a Treatment to Reduce Brain Damage Following Stroke', National Stroke Foundation.

Associate Professor Bruno Meloni, Clinical Professor Neville Knuckey, Ms Li Chiu, Dr Jane Cross, Mr Vincent Clark 2015, 'Pre-clinical assessment of arginine-rich peptides as a treatment to reduce brain damage following traumatic brain injury', Brain Foundation.

Associate Professor Bruno Meloni, Clinical Professor Neville Knuckey, Dr Stuart Hodgetts, Dr Jane Cross 2015, 'Pre-clinical assessment of the neuroprotective efficacy of arginine-rich peptides in neurotrauma injury models', Neurotrauma Research Program (NRP).

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2016 PhD. Dr Flora. Supervised by: Dr Boulos, Dr Matthews, Prof Palmer, A/Prof Meloni, Knuckey, Dr Allan

2014 PhD. Dr Anderton. Supervised by: Dr Boulos, Prof Mastaglia, A/Prof Meloni

2014 PhD. Dr Teoh. Supervised by: Clp Knuckey, Prof Mastaglia, A/Prof Meloni, Dr Boulos

2013 PhD. Dr Majda. Supervised by: A/Prof Meloni, Clp Knuckey, Prof Mastaglia

2012 PhD. Dr Cross. Supervised by: Lee, Dr Bakker, A/Prof Meloni, Prof Mastaglia, Clp Knuckey

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