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Output Category: E1
Strategic Research Area: None
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All Authors: Clark, D, Reboud, S, Toutain, O, Ballereau, V, Mazzarol, T Number:
UWA Authors: Clark, D., Reboud, S., Toutain, O., Ballereau, V., Mazzarol, T. Number: 1
Title: Entrepreneurship Education: An entrepreneurial ecosystems approach
Conference: 31st Annual ANZAM Conference   
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Conference Publication: 31st Annual ANZAM Conference
Year: 2017
Pages: 22
Full Reference (Harvard Style): Clark, D., Reboud, S., Toutain, O., Ballereau, V., Mazzarol, T. 2017, 'Entrepreneurship Education: An entrepreneurial ecosystems approach', 31st Annual ANZAM Conference, Melbourne, Australia, pp. 22.
In this paper, we examine entrepreneurship education from an entrepreneurial ecosystems perspective. We outline a comprehensive conceptual framework for entrepreneurial ecosystems (EE), developed from the literature, including details of nine core components. This EE framework is then applied using an in-depth case study of an innovative academic unit called The Entrepreneurial Garden (TEG) at Burgundy School of Business in Dijon, France. TEG offers entrepreneurship education, research and enterprise development as an integrated portfolio using the ‘entrepreneurial method’ world-view and action-based experiential pedagogies. This analysis shows how an academic unit can be developed as an EE building from local resources and expertise, aligning with macroeconomic policies and priorities, and leveraging partnerships to provide access to other entrepreneurial players, resources and networks.