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All Authors: Do, H, Mazzarol, T, Soutar, G, Volery, T, Reboud, S Number:
UWA Authors: Mazzarol, T., Soutar, G., Volery, T. Number: 3
Title: Organisational Factors, Anticipated Rents and Commercialisation in SMEs
Journal: International Journal of Innovation Management   
ISBN/ISSN 1363-9196
Year: 2018
Pages: 1
Volume: 22
Issue: 2
Full Reference (Harvard Style): Do, H., Mazzarol, T., Soutar, G., Volery, T., Reboud, S. 2018, 'Organisational Factors, Anticipated Rents and Commercialisation in SMEs', International Journal of Innovation Management, 22, 2, pp. 1.
The study investigates the relationship between organisational factors and the anticipated returns to the commercialisation of an innovation within small to medium enterprises (SMEs). Using a large multi-country sample, the analysis involved a structural equation model of seven organisational factors associated with the management of innovation, and their relationship with the anticipated volume of sales, profitability and lifecycle of the innovation. Significant relationships were found between the possession of an innovation strategy and formal commercialisation management, and optimism over sales volumes and lifecycle. The study provides new insights into the resource-based view and theory of entrepreneurial rents, strengthening SME owner-managers’ assessment on future investments in innovation and how to utilise their best capabilities.
Policy makers also gain more insights into the commercialisation process within SMEs to foster the innovation orientation in both high and low tech sectors.