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All Authors: Duncan, O, Harvey Millar, A, Taylor, N Number:
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Title: Isolation of mitochondria, their sub-organellar compartments, and membranes
Year: 2016
Pages: 83-96
Volume: 1511
Full Reference (Harvard Style): Duncan, O., Harvey Millar, A., Taylor, N. 2016, 'Isolation of mitochondria, their sub-organellar compartments, and membranes', Isolation of Plant Organelles and Structures: Methods and Protocols, 1511, pp. 83-96.

Mitochondria are the sites of a diverse set of essential biochemical processes in plants. In order to facilitate the analysis of these functions, this chapter presents protocols for the isolation of intact mitochondria from a range of plant tissues as well two workfl ows for fractionation into their four subcompartments; the inner and outer membranes and the two aqueous compartments, the inter membrane space and matrix. Protocols for the assessment of mitochondrial integrity and purity through enzymatic function and suggestions of commercially available compartment marker antibodies are provided.